Saturday, April 23, 2011

Como se much?!

Over the past couple of weeks John has been researching toolboxes to buy.  He FINALLY found THE ONE!
While he was more:

I was def more:
...except with sweatier palms.

Bucket List

Random List of Stuff we want to do--before we bite the big one!
2)Get into a street fight--S
3)Deep sea fishing--J
4)Visit all 50 states--J and S
5)World TKD champ--J
6)Buy an Oopma Loompa--S
7)Invent something rad--S
8)Restore and antique vehicle--J
9)Become a master technician--J
11)Find a treasure--"Goonies" style--S

After reading this list J sounds totally normal and I sound certifiable!  He is def the Ying to my Yang.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First blog---are you ready world? Are you?

Bazinga! Wow we have joined the world of blogging J finally convinced S to just pretend we are cool enough to do it!  We are attempting this as an experiment of sorts--an attempt to do something creative together! As J put it "whatever we put out there will be there forever" (hopefully).  Kinda scary---if you know us! We are a rare breed of young Mo couples married for almost 5 years--wait for it.......and no kids! Gasp--horror--Yes we just said it! No children!  It is what it is at this point!  The only kids you may see are our beloved niece H and our nephew D---and the occasional appearance by our pet Liahonna---too Mo for you?  Our goal is to update weekly for FHE.
Stay tuned.......J will officially be a black belt in 48 hours!